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Hello, Kaelpie still here(somehow)

Welp here’s the new chapter. My birthday is actually coming up so I wanted to do 2 chapters and some other shit but I got sick in the middle of it and ended up doing only 1 chap and another rant.

Something to note is that I got sick in the middle of doing the latter half of the chapter which was the worst experience for me since I started translating. Idk if that’s just cuz my perception was skewed from sickness or if it really was like that but yeah.

The album this time is Arch Enemy – Doomsday Machine (Melodic Death Metal) (I should say I only reccomend albums that I either loved every single song from start to finish or didn’t love every single one but thought it fits together perfectly from start to finish)


Anyways enjoy the chapter.

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The plot cont-ELBOWBLOCK!


Sicily woke up with the sun radiantly shining through the window.

She tried to remember how she had fallen asleep the day before.

Then, she looked to her side… and found Shin sleeping right next to her.

“Wa-? What!? Shin!? Wa-? Why?”(Sicily)

Sicily was immediately confused as to why Shin was sleeping by her side.

At that moment, she suddenly remembered the events that took place last night.

Last night, Shin was unjustly criticized, and she inadvertantly got so agitated that she had cried.

After her outburst, Shin comforted her and lulled her to sleep.

She looked at her hand that was grasping Shin’s clothes.

Her grip on his clothes was so tight that she didn’t even release him overnight.

“Wa-wa-wa-what should I do!?”(Sicily)

She had to think of what to do in this awkward situation.

Then, she saw Shin’s sleeping face for the first time.

The most reliable and loving man in the world who would give up his whole body and soul to protect her from harm.

That same man showed such a defenseless sleeping face by her side.

Sicily was unintentionally drawn in by Shin’s sleeping face.

While she was admiring his cute face, Shin eventually opened his eyes.

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

“Err… Uh… What? Sicily?”(Shin)

When I opened my eyes, Sicily was staring at me lovingly from across the bed.

Why am I here… Oh right, I had to sleep here because Sicily grabbed my clothes and wouldn’t let go.

“…Good morning, Sicily.”(Shin)
“Ah, Good morning. Err… I’m sorry… for grabbing you clothes… You couldn’t return to your room, right?”(Sicily)

Sicily was still grasping my clothes with her hand. (Kaelpie: Man his clothes must be so creased.)

…You woke up and grasped them again?

“No… I could’ve gone back if I just took off my clothes…”(Shin)

“Oh, that’s true. Then why did you sleep next to me?”(Sicily)

“Last night… I didn’t want to leave Sicily alone…”(Shin)


“You got angry for my sake and cried and cried until you fell asleep… How could I leave such a sweet girl by herself… There is no way I would do something like leaving you alone.”(Shin)


“Sorry, did you hate it?”(Shin)

Despite being her fiance, maybe sharing a bed this fast is a little too indecent…

“That’s not it! That’s not it! I was a little surprised, but you slept next to me for my sake, and I could never hate you for such a trivial matter!”(Sicily)


Good. If she told me she hated it, I’d get depressed. (ConformChild: Lmao. Get depressed.)

“Besides… When I woke up and Shin was next to me… I was really happy…”(Sicily)

“…Thank you.”(Shin)

“Err… I mean…”(Sicily)

She’s so shy…

I fell silent while Sicily was embarrassed. As a result, we just stared at each other quietly on the bed.

At a place like this… She was watching me with teary eyes….

Without saying anything to each other, our faces drew near… and…

“Good Morning, Sicily. Are you… awa…”(Maria)

Maria came into the room to wake up Sicily, I guess.

She was probably concerned about the kidnap attempt from last night… Even though you’re her childhood friend, you should still knock!

We were face to face on the bed and on the verge of a kiss.

Maria witnessed a situation that I could not explain at all.

“Ah… oh… sorry…”(Maria)

Maria was standing with her mouth open in shock and gently closed the door with a bright red face.

For a moment, we couldn’t comprehend the situation. Then our gears clicked into place…

That was a Red face! A feverish face!

I understand why her face was bright red.

This isn’t good! I have to solve this misunderstanding!

“Wait, Maria! It’s not like that! We weren…”(Shin)

“Ah! Shin! Don’t!”(Sicily)

Sicily tried to stop me from trying to chase after Maria, but it was already too late.

I opened the door and went outside. (Kaelpie: In times like these you go through the window you idiot!)

“Wait, isn’t that Sicily’s room? Why is Shin… Oh, right!”(Alice)

“Walford, you didn’t.”(Rin)

“Oh, Alice? Rin?”(Shin)

Why… Everyone is here! It’s the morning and the girls are coming out of their rooms!

“Ah, Walford? Why?… Ah… Haha… uh… Was it fun?”(Alice)

“It’s not like that!”(Shin)

Wow! I dug my own grave!

When I returned to Sicily’s room in a panic, Sicily was curled up and covered with sheets.


“Argh! Shin! Aargh!”(Sicily)

Shin slept over in Sicily’s room…

Everyone knew about it in a flash.

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

“It’s a misunderstanding…”(Shin)

I desperately tried to solve the misunderstanding while taking last night’s intruders to the accommodation of the Ys Holy Country delegation.

“Why? It’s nothing bad. You are both adults and fiancees no less. It’s only natural.”(Tony)

“I know but that’s not it!”(Shin)

“I also think there’s nothing wrong with it but… I would like it if you considered the time and place…”(August)

“That’s why I didn’t do it this time!”(Shin) (Nyx: “This time”, he says)

It’s nothing unusual for fiancés and there is also the magic tool, so it’s a wonder we didn’t already do it by now.

But I’m not insane enough to do something like that in the lodging where everybody is staying at and during such an important meeting!

“Even if it was unusual,, whatever you did was alright.”(August)

It’s useless… Because of the awareness of our close relationship and because it’s an accepted practice.

Is it… Already too late to disprove it?

“Haha, you’ve finally done it. How do you feel, Shin? Does it seem like the world is different?”(Tony)

“That’s right. I felt like that after my first time.”(Mark)

“Different… I can’t say anything changed because nothing happened… Wait… Mark… You…”(Shin)

“Ah, Damn it!”(Mark)

I wanted to believe in him after all but after the previous lack of sleep…

“Shin, come with me. Claude as well.”(August)

“Oh? Right.”(Shin)


I didn’t have the chance to interrogate Mark.

Everytime I tried to find out, someone interrupted me. Why do they keep getting in my way?

Sicily came from the girls’ circle.

When she lined up beside me… She Glared at me with a red face and puffed up cheeks.

Wow… So cute…

“You have been barraged by questions from everyone because of Shin right?”(August)

“I’m sorry…”(Shin)

“I wanted to keep it a secret… Only between the two us…”(Sicily)

“Huh? Ah… Sorry…”(Shin)


So that’s it… It was supposed to be a secret between the two of us… That wouldn’t be bad… However we were seen by Maria…

“Hey, we’re going to meet the delegation now so don’t flirt.”(August)


“We’re Sorry! We’re sorry!”(Ex-Corpse 3)

That’s right. What these guys said about Sicily last night…

When I remembered, I got angry again.

“I am the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Earlshyde, Augusto von Earlshyde, I have some business with the people of Holy Country Ys, please call someone other than the representative.”(August)

“Your Highness Augusto? Why are you here?”(Swedish Jim)

“I already said that I have some business with Ys. Call in someone who holds a high position in the church however not the representative of the talks.”(August)

“I understand, certainly”(Swedish Jim)

In response to Gus’ order, the Swedes Kingdom guard stationed at the entrance went to call an official of the Holy Country Ys.

Before long, a kind looking middle aged man with the appearance of a child appeared. (Kaelpie: We boku no pico now bois.)

“Your Highness Prince Augusto, what urgent business could you have to come so early in the morning?”(Shota Priest)

He didn’t talk in a calm tone, but one that found fault in an early morning visit without a previous arrangement. (Kaelpie: I mean, can you blame him?)

“First of all, I would like you to take a look at these people.”(August)

Then, he shows him the intruders from last night.

Naturally, the previously mentioned intruder were tied up.

“!? You guys!?”(Shota Priest)

“Bishop…”(Ex-Corpse 2)

“There seems to be no doubt they are people from Holy Country Ys, correct?”(Shin)

“Certainly that is the case… However what is this kind of treatment? What could they have done? They are devout followers. Are you aware that depending on your answer, this might turn into a scandal?”(Shota Bishop) (Kaelpie: WHY DOES NOTHING IN THIS NOVEL HAVE A NAME?)

I guess this person is unrelated to it all, but… This stupid way of speaking… Feels really sickening.

“You would make a problem out of it? That’s fine.”(Shin)
“Wh-what?”(Shota Bishop)

“Are you aware there is a girl called a saint among the people of Earlshyde?”(Shin)

“Of course I’m aware. She ventures out into the battlefield, defeating demons and protecting the people. If anyone is injured she heals them without expecting compensation. She is a woman that embodies the teachings of the Church of Creation.”(Shota Bishop)

That’s quite a grand rumor. Well, it’s not wrong though.

Sicily had a bright red face after hearing that evaluation.

Although I understand… it’s quite embarrassing when people admire you…

“Despite that, they have trespassed into the lodging of Earlshyde Kingdom and were trying to abduct that very saint.”(Shin)

“What! Surely you’re mistaken!?”(Shota Bishop)

“They were caught during the act. We obtained confessions, and there is no doubt.”(Shin)

“Why… Why… Why such terrible things…”(Shota Bishop)

“By the way, do you think that will cause a controversy? Trying to kidnap an important person of another country during a meeting where the fate of the world is being decided… What sort of a scandal would that cause?”(Shin)

“That… that…”(Shota Bishop)

The child like bishop is trembling…

He wouldn’t stop trembling with anger at the intruders who committed outrageous acts and harmed the future standing of Holy Country Ys.

Really… How dare you pretend…?

“Hey… Aren’t you bullying him a bit too much?”(Maria)

“Please stop it if you’re not aware of it…”(August)

“Aren’t you frustrated?”(Shin)

“It is frustrating, and I can’t help but be disgusted, however, this person has nothing to do with it, do they?”(August)

“That’s true. In any case, do you understand your current situation?”(Shin)
“Yes…”(Shota Bishop)

“Good. Oi, tell us who was it that issued the order.”(Shin)

I urged the captured intruders to tell me who ordered them to break in.

“…Archbishop Fuller…”(Ex-Corpse 5)

“What…?”(Shota Bishop)

“Archbishop Fuller fed them lies in order to instigate such behavior…”(Shin)

“Lies? What kind of lies?”(Shota Bishop)

“The saint is being… Enslaved and defiled by the evil man called the Demon King… It was our mission to rescue her…”(Ex-Corpse 2)

“Are you retarded!? The Magic King and the Saint of the Ultimate Magicians are very intimate fiancees, that’s well known by everyone!”(Shota Bishop)

Is that so!? This was the first I heard about such an indecent rumor!

“That… We were told… That it was an act used to deceive the world…”(Ex-Corpse 1)

“What… what a foolish thing!”(Shota Bishop)

Really, how stupid can you get?

Both the one that gave the orders, and the ones that attempted to carry the orders out.

“But… Actually… Just like in the rumors… No, they’re even closer than the rumors say… we were just about to do something irreparable and blasphemous…”(Ex-Corpse 3)

The intruders were prostrating while repenting with tears flowing from their eyes.

They wasn’t lying when they called themselves pious. Even still, this may be overkill.

“About that Archbishop Fuller… Surely you aren’t still intending to let him participate as the representative in the talks?”(August)

“That’s… You! Go to the room of that pig, tie him up and bring him here! He’s probably fast asleep!”(Shota Bishop)

“Certainly!”(Swedish Jim)

Wow… The kind looking priest seems to be a kindhearted person, unlike like that pig.

“Ah…! I showed you an unsightly face…”(Shota Bishop)

“Pay it no mind… you also seem to have a hard time with that archbishop…”(August)

“Yes… Although that man holds the position of an archbishop, he is nothing like a clergyman. He is an unimaginably sinful priest who venerates sleep while drowning in his appetite and lust!”(Shota Bishop)

Three of the deadly sins were completely evident in his behavior. (ConformChild: a.k.a Lust, Gluttony, Sloth)

But to think it were enough for an earnest bishop to call him a pig…

“That man only sees the church as a tool to satisfy his own desires! Just how many girls has he sunk his rotten teeth into…?”(Shota Bishop)

Seriously!? He’s truly a horrid person!

“If you know that, why are you letting him run wild?”(Shin)

“Certainly he is the lowest of the low but… It’s because he can manage the funds well, which lets him control the majority of the finances for Holy Country Ys…”(Shota Bishop)

“I was out of line…”(Shin)

The Church of Creation is a religion, but the Holy Country Ys is a nation. It would be difficult to get rid of the guy who is responsible for managing the country’s finances.

“Still, this crime today is so outrageous… A problem that has plagued the Holy Country Ys has disappeared. It will probably be a death sentence as well.”(Shota Bishop)

“Is that really okay? Isn’t it possible to for him to weasel out of this incident with his influence?”(Shin)

“The reputation of the Saint has reached even the Holy Country Ys. Especially because the pope has been called a saint in the past as well. But going after another saint with his crooked ways… Neither the people nor the pope will forgive him.”(Shota Bishop)

“It would be great if that were the case.”(Shin)

Huh, so the current pope is a woman.

Because she was also called a saint in the past, she is concerned about Sicily now?

While we were discussing the corrupt Archbishop’s punishment, I heard shouting from the second floor of the hotel.

“You bastard! What are you doing!? What a disrespectful way to treat me, a divine archbishop! Release me!”(Fuller)

This… I understood why the shota priest called him a pig. He was a fat man unworthy of being called a clergyman.

Was he the man being escorted by the temple’s soldiers? He was even tied up and dragged.

“What is this behaviour!? Bishop Makina! Do you think you can get away with treating me this way?”(Fuller)

“Silence! Shut up, you grave sinner!”(Makina)

Wow, from his appearance you wouldn’t imagine he had such a harsh shouting voice.

“I have put up with you so far but now I’ve reached the limit of my patience! An attempt to abduct the Saint! During a meeting where the fate of the world is on the line! Are you planning to destroy the Holy Country Ys!?”(Makina)


“These people confessed everything! You bastard! You incited them to kidnap the Saint! They failed and were caught in the act! Do you think you can get away with this!?”(Makina)

“That is a fabrication! It’s a conspiracy by the Earlshyde Kingdom trying to get rid of me!”(Fuller)

“Bastard… You’ve come this far and you’re still spouting such nonsense!?”(Shin)

“Haa… We witnessed these men invading into the room of the saint, and we caught them red handed. Do you mean to tell me that this is all a conspiracy?”(August)

“That’s right! Earlshyde Kingdom has made it up in an attempt to frame me!”(Fuller)

Cheh… This sinful priest is truly the lowest of the low… Makina then followed up.

“Certainly… Archbishop Fuller is the representative of the Holy Country Ys, that is to say in the name of the Pope.”(Makina)

“That’s right! I am the proxy of the Pope! Do you think you will be forgiven for this disrespect!?”(Fuller)

No way… Don’t you even know the meaning of a proxy?

A follower that knew the meaning had a blue face.

“A proxy of the Pope… Is Archbishop Fuller saying his word is the word of the Pope?”(Makina)

“What about it!?”(Fuller)

“In other words… Earlshyde Kingdom is trying to frame a person from the Holy Country Ys… That’s quite insulting.”(August)

“No, no… not in that way…”(Fuller)

“That is what you mean when you say that you were acting on her behalf. In addition to wanting to take away a well known saint from Earlshyde Kingdom, in other words… The Holy Country Y and the Church of Creation are taking hostile action against Earlshyde Kingdom, do you understand what you are implying?”(August)

“That is absurd! This person is a grave sinner who tried to kidnap an important person from another country! He was not acting in the name of the pope!”(Makina)

“Makina! You!”(Fuller)

“You are dismissed as an envoy of the Holy Country Ys delegation! Does anyone oppose!?”(Makina)

None of the delegates disputed the Bishop Makina’s declaration.

“The delegation has reached a unanimous consensus! I absolve Amun Fuller of the position and shall act as a representative in his place! First of all, lock this guy up and take him back to our country!”(Makina)

“Understood!”(Deus Vult)

“Makina! You bastaaaaaa-!”(Fuller)

Archbishop Fuller was dragged away by the temple soldiers.

… I saw the dark side of the Holy Country Ys.

“As you can see, we have dealt with the problem of Fuller being a representative, and I will fulfill his duty instead. Is that alright?”(Makina)

“I don’t mind. However you must understand that you are in our debt because of Fuller.”(August)

“Yes… Absolutely…  He truly has committed egregious acts towards your country…”(Makina)

Makina seems hesitant to apologize.

After such a terrible start… Do you still want to complain?

“Well, with this we can head towards the conference right away. Everyone is free to go.”(August)

“We’re… What did we even come here for?”(Maria)

“Come on. Not even a tour?”(Alice)

Incidentally, neither Sicily nor I am participating in the talks. So, what should we do now?

“Excuse me, Magic King Shin Walford and the Saint Sicily von Claude?”(Makina)

Bishop Makina called out to us. Behind him were the people from the Ys doctrine.


“That’s the saint…”(Background priest #07)

“At this time we can only apologize from the bottom of our hearts!”(Makina)

Shouting that, all the delegates of the Holy Country Ys prostrated themselves in sync following Makina’s example.

Wow… If this many people kneel down…

“We have been immensely rude towards the Magic King who is a hero that will save the world, and the Saint who is the light of hope for the people! It isn’t a matter that is forgiven easily, but we beg you to have mercy!”(Makina)

None of the prostrating members are moving an inch.

And they likely won’t unless I say something…

“…Haa, I understand. I accept your apology.”(Shin)

“Oh we’re grateful for such kind words!”(Makina)

“We will have a wedding ceremony soon at the Earlshyde Cathedral… I don’t want to have any tension with the Church.”(Shin)

“Thank you! Then as a sign of my gratitude, let me arrange for the Pope to oversee the marriage! Let us take care of the marriage between the Magic King and the Saint!”(Makina)



Having the pope oversee our wedding ceremony?! What?

What is this guy talking about!?

“Wow! What a great idea Bishop Makina!”(Maria)

“Because she sees the Saint like her own daughter, she will be willing to accept the offer!”(Makina)

“Is that so? By all means, you should do that!”(Maria)

Why is everyone so happy!?

“Wait a minute! Don’t decide this on your own!”(Shin)

“Well then, I’ll go back to my home country, and I will personally appeal to the Pope!”(Makina)

“Yes! Please do that!”(Maria)


“I said wait!”(Shin) (Kaelpie: Why is everyone shouting!?)

You’ll leave the criminal behind if you return early!

“This has become a grand event. Having the pope personally carry out your wedding ceremony.”(Alice)

“Leaving early to request the Pope to perform the ceremony would be bad!”(Shin)

“Hm, is that so?”(August)

“Is that so!? I guess you are refusing after all…”(Makina)

“Why don’t we do it together? Originally, Elly wanted to do that.”(August)

“Don’t suggest a way out!”(Shin)

Everyone will understand if it’s royalty!

“Give up. In addition…”(August)


“Don’t you think Claude and Elly will be pleased?”(August)

Sicily has remained silent for a long time.

I looked in her direction…

“Earlshyde Cathedral… Wedding ceremony carried out by the Pope… Dream…  Is this a dream?”(Sicily)

I slipped.

I can’t refuse anymore…



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Translator: Kaelpie

Editor: Conform Child

Proofreader: Nixie


P.S. Notes

Original text*: There was a shiny Shin. (Kaelpie: HOLY SHIT! MASTER BALL, GO!) (Kaelpie: Now I feel like playing pokemon…)

“No… I could get back if I took off my clothes…”(Shin) (Kaelpie: But then he wouldn’t go back for a different reason.)

“Even if you didn’t do it, whatever you did was alright.”(August) (Original text*: “Either neither is it nor is it better either” Kaelpie: I think I’ll frame this.)

Really… How dare you you pretend…? (Kaelpie: If this novel didn’t love cockblocks so much we’d have a wonderful rampage by now.)

“That man only sees the church as a tool to satisfy his own desires! Just how many women has he sunk his rotten teeth into…?” (Yandex: “That man is a creation of God taught to their desire to meet tools and not seen it all! What the hell is this, and how many women a guy both the pussy and the anal are gone through and are it faints in agony from…” Kaelpie: Damn Yandex is fucking mental.)

“Going after the saint with his crooked ways…” (Yandex: “It’s not the Saint your pussy and the anal are gone through and are it faints in agony as it.” Kaelpie: Jesus Yandex! Chill!)

Kaelpie: The latter half is likely less accurate than usual because on top of it being a total fucking bitch bitch to translate I was also sick and didn’t feel like revising half the fucking text into something that I consider to be a downgrade to the narrative. Sue me.

ConformChild: mk.


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